Thank you very much for your interest in the Hilti Foundation, unfortunately we cannot accept any new applications until further notice. 
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We believe that education is the basis for leading an independent and dignified life. We therefore focus on many educational activities ranging from teaching basic values needed for a functioning society, and basic education through to vocational training, specific training of skills and entrepreneurship education. All these efforts aim to improve our beneficiaries’ personal skills, foster self-confidence, and ultimately help them assume a more responsible and constructive role in society.

Social Development

We believe that development is effective only if it is inclusive and sustainable. Our work therefore focuses on empowering those who have been affected most by urbanization, rural transformation and unforeseen risks that negatively impact their ability to participate in the social, economic and political life of their communities and beyond. Our efforts include activities which help to provide equal access to basic services, to improve infrastructure especially in the (low-cost) housing sector, as well as to innovative approaches to planning, developing, governing and managing cities and villages. We also support initiatives that facilitate access to labor markets, and enable and support economic and entrepreneurial activities for those in need.


We initiate and fund research related to our ongoing projects. We aim to develop new and innovative methods and techniques to help deepen and broaden the impact of our work and that of our partners. We therefore fund and support research in the fields of new building technologies and materials (particularly for the low-income housing sector), livelihood, urbanization and community development.