April 12, 2016

Music integration project “Superar” documentary wins DIAGONALE Film Festival award

KINDERS, the new documentary produced by the Viennese brothers Arash and Arman Riahi, which was presented at the DIAGONALE Film Festival, won the audience award of the Kleine Zeitung! The film focuses on the high-calibre music education programme ((superar)), with the help of which neglected and “invisible” outsiders develop into self-confident young individuals. With the power of music, the music programme helps children recognise and realize their hidden potential. Cinema audiences and critics alike clearly appreciated the film - and judging by the good reviews, the latter have apparently taken a real shine to the film! (see below)

Nicht nur das Publikum hat gesprochen, sondern auch die Kritiker, die den Film mit ihren schönen Kritiken scheinbar auch ins Herz geschlossen haben! (siehe unten)

“… out of all the nominated films, the documentary KINDERS by Arash and Arman Riahi emerged as the deserved winner… gentle yet witty portrayals.“ Kleine Zeitung, Ute Baumhackl

“The young characters are the stars of this feature film-like plea for educational ideals in music… impressive and funny” ORF.at, Hans Christian Leitich

“Brilliant” profil.at, Philip Dulle

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